Boney Mania

Boney Mania

lunes, 14 de agosto de 2017

Boney M (Søren Jensen)

Boney M fans have a YouTube channel where they can listen to the band's discography including some little-known versions, long versions and other productions of Frank Farian.

                       Søren Jensen

lunes, 31 de julio de 2017

Bobby Farrell - "Crazy Bobby" Polish TV Special 1983.

"Crazy Bobby" Polish TV Special 1983
A1 to B5 recorded at FAR Music Studios

A1. Polizei 0:00
A2. A Fool In Love 3:29
A3. Plastic 7:22
A4. Merry-Go-Round 11:47
A5. Feel Alright 15:52

B1. So Free 19:56
B2. I'm Only Gonna Rock It 23:38
B3. Everybody Boogie 27:33
B4. Burnin' For Your Love 30:25
B5. If You Want My Love 33:45

Bonus Tracks:
11. Hoppa Hoppa (1987) 36:30
12. A Tribute To Josephine Baker (1991) 43:41

domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Koreana(코리아나) - Summer Night, Summer Dream

Click 16:46

00:00 1. Rien Ne Va Plus (It's Over Now) (Rolf Soja/Peter Zentner)
04:21 2. Sorry My Love (Ingo Tonki/Chris Exwell)
07:32 3. I'll Ride My Magic Carpet (Rolf Soja/Peter Zentner)
10:42 4. Be In The Limelight (Luis Warner/Chris Exwell)
13:41 5. Mother (홍신윤 작사,작곡)

 16:46 1. Summer Night, Summer Dream (Frank Farian/S. Woodiands)
19:16 2. Mystery Man (Jonny Breake/Chris Exwell)
22:45 3. American Dream (Rolf Soja/Peter Zentner)
26:38 4. I've Got A Feelin' (J Harmon Ch/Peter Berling)
30:15 5. Soft and Easy (Zeran Bessc)